Warhammer 40k Abandoned House Out of Cardboard!

Introduction: Warhammer 40k Abandoned House Out of Cardboard!

Hello dear people of Earth!
Have orks been raiding your little planet? Need some quick cover? Well Sgt Jellyfish's abandoned house will be perfect for you! It even comes with dirt paint colour!

What will you little servitors need:
Some cardboard (around 10x10)
Stanley/x-acto/sharp knife
PVA glue (any glue except model glue should be fine)
Tamiya earth brown paint (any brown paint would be fine but I used tamiya)
Tamiya aluminium grey (any shiny silver paint will do)
Black spray paint
Medium sized paintbrush

Step 1: Assembly

Cut out 2 pieces or cardboard roughly around 8 by 4 cms. Give the top a haircut so it looks like its been bomber a few times. Now using any excess cardboard, cut out a right angled triangle. Save this for later.


Draw a small square on each piece of cardboard. Cut those squares out for the window. Keep these.
Now for assembly! Glue both pieces together (as shown on the picture). Get the triangle and glue it in between the "walls". Using the squares cut out form the window, glue them onto the bottom of the building for stability. You will be now ready for painting!

Step 2: Painting!

Grab your spray paint and spray your war torn building! I sprayed mine black but i guess and house like colour is ok. After waiting for it to dry, and went and duked it out on team fortress.


Once it was dry, i got a reasonably large paintbrush and dry brushed flat brown around the base and window on both sides. I then used aluminium grey around the edges. If you put to much on, you can always damping it with flat earth.

Step 3: Have Fun!

Enjoy exploding your opponent in style with this fabulous piece of terrain! Please rate and subscribe!

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