Introduction: How to Make a Simple Paracord Keyring

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Paracord has many uses, and an essential knot you must learn to be able to make all of these wonderful things is the cobra stitch. Once you have got the hang of it its really simple to adapt and use in all different situations.

I was experimenting with my paracord and was quite pleased with what I had created; so I decided to make an instructable on it. I will be showing you how to make a simple paracord keyring using the cobra stitch and only one piece of cord.

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will be needing:
- Some paracord. 2 metres if you want to make the fatter version of the keyring, only I metre if you want to make the thinner one. This does not have to be exact; just use the length of your outstreched arm to the end of your nose.
- Some good quality scissors. Paracord can be quite difficult to cut through, so use good scissors.
- A lighter or some matches. You will need to burn the ends of the cord to make sure it stays neat.
- Some thing to unpick with. I just used a bottle stopper with a cat on it. Does the job great.
- A peg. Not entirely nessasary but good to use If you are a begginer.
- An empty key ring. You can just pull one of these off an old keychain in you want.

Step 2: Begining the Stitch

Now you can begin the cobra stitch. Once you have done this step a few times it is really easy to remember and continue with. make a loop as shown about 10cm long, and hold it in a peg.

Then bring the left piece of cord under the middle loop and over (on top of) the Right piece of cord. It should now look like the second picture. Now bring the right piece of cord; with the left part still on it under the middle and through the loop in the left side. It should look like it does in my third picture. If it does you have done it right and just need to pull it tight. (the tighter the better) At this point you are going to want to take of the peg.

Step 3: Part 2 of the Stitch

Baisically, now you have to do exacly what you did in step 2...but in reverse. So, with the right piece of cord go under the middle and over the left piece. Then take the left piece over the middle and through the right cord's loop. Now all you need to do is do step 2 again, then this one again a few times until you have made a few centimetres of stich.

Step 4: The Seal

Now, you will realise that at this point it is begining to take shape. Now, to taper it off a little do 2 stiches with the middle loop lifted up. But you have dangly thread coming out of the bottom. Dont worry, this can be resolved by firstly cutting the cord down - it wants to be about 7 centimetres but it dosent have to be exact. Then; using your unpicker unpick one of the stitches and thread the loose cord through. This can be quite fiddly but continue threading it up through the cross stitches until the cord looks secure enough. You then need to cut off the remaining cord and burn it. But be careful! I have ruined many projects by burning all the nice paracord around the cord. Do the same thing with the other piece of excess cord and it should be done.

Step 5: Enjoy Your New Keyring!

You can add a metal keyring-ring if you want, or just tie it to your keys. I hope you enjoyed this instructable!