Introduction: How to Make a Skyrim Iron Helmet

In this Instructable I will show you all how to make an awesome iron helmet from skyrim,this is a very low budget process,i believe that this was an easy process over all but some steps are a bit more advanced.I was able to  do this with no experience with Papercraft and i think it turned out just fine.So follow all of my steps and have fun!Please leave comments!I will accept constructive criticizm!

Step 1: Materials

What you will need:

Tacky glue
Yarn(no specific color)
Plaster(I used a sheetrock compound)
Hair dryer
Paint brush
Brad Clips

Step 2: Paper Crafting!

Ok so this was one of the most difficult parts of the entire project,it requires paitience and skill with an xacto knife
I used the papercraft cut out from this link:

The materials you need for this are:

Xacto knife
A Perforator( I had a scrap booking cutter with different attachments)
The papercraft cut out

1). Just basically cut out the pictures and number them as you go,I have never done papercraft before but i found that numbering them is extremely conveinent compared to looking for the piece that resembles the piece you need
2). Download Peperkura Viewer to view the  3D diagram without this program your whole operation is basically shot Here is the link:

Step 3: Paper Mache!

So once you have done alll of the folding,cutting,cutting,cutting and folding and glueing,glueing and let it dry you should have something that resembles the Iron helmet....But its not a real Iron helmet without streingth,sturdyness and character,you know what this means.....PAPER MACHE TIME!

Required Materials:
Newspaper(preferably the real news print not the colorful ads)
Tacky/school glue(either or)
Mixing conatiner
Paint brush

1). Go get your helmet and put it on something that will hold it while you are paper macheing,I just used a lamp with a plactic bag of the shade
2). Mix the tacky glue with the water,This is really all personal preferance,I just added glue until it was at my desired consistancy which was like maple syrup
3). Now just rip the newspaper into strips about 1 inch wide and 4 inches long, these dont have to be perfect! They just have to do the job well
4). Now just go over the helmet with a thin layer of the water/glue mix,dont make it too thick just like a thin coat
5).Now just put the newspaper strips on the entire helmet,you dont have to paint the glue on the helmet directly you can coat the newspaper pieces seperatly and put them on the helmet.Once you have covered the entire outside of the helmet with the paper mache I recommend you paper mache the major stress points on the helmet such ass the inner top side and the horn openings,I stuffed newspaper in the horns for added stability
6). Let this badboy dry by itself or you can do what I did and dry the helmet with a hair dryer this is again all personal preferance
7).Once this is dry you can move onto the next step!

Step 4: Plaster Time!

In order for your helmet to take serious hits from enemies you will need to make it strong,you do thisby adding plaster,I am not going to lie to you,this is very messy,very painstaking and very tedious.I reccomend that you add the extra paper mache on the inside for strength otherwise it will fal in on itself

Materials you will need:

Plaster or sheetrock compound(this is used for patching holes in drywall)
Paint brush
Hair dryer
220 grit sand paper
Tacky glue/water mixture

1).Put your helmet on the stand you have been using to hold your helmet
2).Get a container to mix the plaster in,I just used an old coffee container i had lying around this is really another personal preferance step,its all up to you,Think:what kind of consistancy do I want?,What is the time it takes to set?Did I do an extra layer of paper mache on the inside of the helmet?,Mix the plaster to a desired consistancy and get your paint brush ready
3).Now soak a length of yarn in the mixture of glue and water and wind this around the horns until the desired look is acomplished
4).Now paint the plaster right on the the helmet gentley,dont be rough with the helmet it is most likley fragile when soaked in plaster(just an observation) anyways do a few coats of this on the helmet,I chose to do 3 coats to make it look even
5).Let this stuff dry you can air dry it(pain stakingly slow) or you can use a trusty hair dryer
6). Once this is completley dry you can begin to sand off the inperfections and blemishes
7).Now get ready to paint!

Step 5: Painting Time!

This may just be one of the most critical stages of this process,painting it,if im going to be attacked by a Bandit or a Drauger I want to be dressed in style not look like a noob with a paper mache helmet.This is one of the most fun steps though you are almost done so hang in there I know you will pull through!

Materials needed:

Paint List:
Paint brush
Plate to mix paint on
And a steady hand!

You are almost done just follow this and you will be close to being the dragonborn

1).Mix the grey with the black paint to get the desired Iron color and mix the brwon with the whit to get a ivory/horn color
2).Paint the helmet however you want i decided to make mine look authentic so i just painted it based off of pictures on the internet
3). Let this puppy dry I suggest you air dry this one, otherwise paint bubbles may occur

Step 6: Details

Now that you have painted your helmet you can add details once it is dry


Hot glue
Hot glue sticks
Brad clips

1).Cut the legs off of the brads and glue the brads on the mask to look like rivets
2). you can just poke the brads through the mask if thats easier for you, that is what I did

You are finished and your mask should look something like this

Step 7: Thanks To:

Thank you so much greynolds1 you have the best tuturial ever on the how to for this without you I would never have known where to start this thing!
You can find his Instructable here:

Thank You all for your time and have fun being the Dragonborne!

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