Introduction: How to Make a Snes Controller T-shirt

I was feeling a little bit geeky, so I thought I'd make a shirt that expresses my love for video games.  I happened to have a Super Nintendo controller in my draw, so I got to work and turned it into something deliciously geeky.  Now you can follow in my footsteps and show off your inner geek!  

You will need: 

A t-shirt 
A sewing machine
A sharpie or pen
A piece of A4 paper
A Super Nintendo controller
A small screwdriver
Fabric scissors 
Fabric (Red is recommended) 

Step 1: Making and Pinning Your Pattern

1. Draw a heart shape on a piece of A4 paper with a sharpie
2. Place the pattern on some fabric of your choice
3. Pin the pattern to the fabric around the edges of the pattern
4. Ensure there is enough of a gap between your pins and the edges of the pattern

Step 2: Cutting Out the Pattern

1. Find some special fabric scissors (these help a LOT)
2. Cut around the edges of the pattern, making sure that the edges are reasonably smooth
3. Too easy!

Step 3: Sewing Heart Onto T-shirt

1. Make sure you've removed your shape from your pattern
2. Proceed to pin the shape to somewhere on your t-shirt (I picked the left side of my chest)
3. Carefully sew the shape using a sewing pattern of your choice (I used a zig-zag pattern)
4. Make sure your sewing machine is on a slow setting, as you will be constantly turning it
5. Ensure once you have sewn all the way around, you overlap, then go backwards a bit. (this makes sure the stitching doesn't come undone)
6. Remove pins!

Step 4: Attach the Controller to the T-shirt

1. Unscrew the controller using either the correct sized slotted or phillips screwdriver
2. Take the two halves of the controller apart, making sure any small pieces do not fall out
3. Secure all loose pieces with epoxy or super glue (optional)
4. Cut a rectangular hole that allows the edges of the fabric to be fed inside of the controller
5. Place the front of the controller on the outside of the shirt, and the back on the inside
6. You may way to turn the t-shirt inside out to make the previous step easier 
7. Ensure all edges of fabric are within controller
8. Screw the controller back together

Step 5: Attaching the Cord to the Heart

1. Chop the cord off to the desire length 
2. Position the cord somewhere on the heart
3. Peirce the end of the cord with a needle and thread
4. Stitch the cord to the heart by doing a few tight loops
5. You're done!