Introduction: How to Make a Snow Dog Sculpture

With this short tutorial you'll be able to easily build a cute snow dog in about an hour :)

Step 1: Step 1

If you have a dog, make him/her stand straight and mark the length and width of their body as a rectangle in the ground. If you don't, then draw a rectangle in the snow about the size you want it to be, whatever kind of dog you want to make :)

Step 2: Step 2

Get lots of snow and heap it into a pile next to where you'll be kneeling/crouching in front of the sculpture. It's helpful if you do this first so your statue won't crumble while you're off finding more snow. 

Start to build up a solid rectangular prism (cuboid, etc. a 3d rectangle) and shape the top into a slight arch of a dog's back. 

Draw a line where you want to belly to end, and carve in the legs. Repeat for the other side too.

Grab a fist of snow, and press it onto where the dog's tail will be. Reinforce this mound with some more snow around where it meets the dog's body. Slowly and firmly press more snow onto the tail to make it as long as you want.

Step 3: Step 3

Finally, the head! Make a big ball of snow, and hold it in place where the head will be, while gluing it on where it meets the body with handfuls of pressed-on snow. 
Just like with the tail, press snow on the front of the head to make a snout, and do make triangles out of snow for ears then press and reinforce them onto the head.
Lastly, get two shiny pebbles and press them into the head.
Congratulations, you're done! Take a picture :)

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