Introduction: How to Make a Snowboard Bike

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In this instructable I am going to show you how to make an awesome snowboard bike. It is made out of a snowboard, a bike and a few other bits and pieces.

Materials needed:
Snowboard (no bindings needed)
2 25cm hinges
2 15 cm hinges
1 steel bar 40×400×10mm
1 small piece of plywood 80×50mm
6 2 cm bolts
6 2.5cm bolts
1 7.5cm bolt
2 10mm bike axels.

Tools needed:
hacksaw or angle grinder
clamps or vice
flat head screwdriver
adjustable cresent

Step 1: Get a Bike

 First find a suitable bike.
I used an old mountain bike that I found at the local recycling centre, but you can use a bmx or pretty much any other kind of bike. Next remove all uneeded parts like brakes, shifters, wheels and crankarms etc.

Step 2: Preparing the Snowboard

Once you have found a old snowboard, remove all the bindings and chop it in half about 2/3 of the leanth of the board.
Use a hacksaw and prop up the end when almost choped through to get a cleaner cut.
You could use an old pair of skis but i decided to use a snowboard so it works well in powder as i am not going to use it on ski slopes.
You may want to silocon or epoxy up the ends to stop water getting in.

Step 3: Making the Brakets

One of the most important things of a snowboard bike is probaly the brakets. I found that these the hardest things to make in this project.
The front and back brakets are all made out of hinges and a small block of plywood

The front bracket is made out of 3 hinges. I chose this design because it was the strongest and had the lowest profile so it looked the best. The top hinge is 8"and the other 2 are 6" The 1st picture shows the layout of the hinges. the hinges are joined together by 3 2cm bolts each and the other end is attached to the snowboard by 4 2.5 cm bolts
I had to chop the hinges down a bit so that it would be the right level for my bike frame but it will probaly be different for you.

the center bracket was quite simple but it was tricky drilling all the holes in the right place. A drill press would be best for this but you can manage with an electrical drill.It is just one 3" bolt going through the snowboard, steel bar, kickstand hole, and steel bar to clamp it

The rear bracket is quite simple and is again made out of a hinge. The hinge is bolted to the board on a small piece of plywood It is held to the board with 2 1" bolts going through the board, plywood and hinge. This design hasent broken and I dont think it will.

Step 4: Seat

On a normal bike you can just put a seat in and tighten the bolt to hold it on place. But with this bike since it came from the recycling center it had no seat and no clamp
So what I did was get a short piece of copper pipe(can be ay sort of pipe) and then hammered it into the bike frame(it needs to be the correct size)and then hammered my seatpost into it as it would not fit on its own(the seatpost). 
This idea was the second attempt as the first snaped the first time I used it.

Step 5: Test It Out!

Now you are ready to test it out!
Hopefully you have enjoyed building this project and have alot of fun using it!

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