Introduction: How to Make a Snowboard/Tramp/Carpet Board!

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Heres how you turn a old skateboard into the following:

  • A snowboard
  • A trampboard (A wheelless skateboard that goes on a trampoline)
  • Or a carpet board! (A board you use without wheels on carpet)


Step 1: Getting Started!

You will need:

  • A 5/16 wrench (i think thats what it is)
  • Duct tape (Optional) (Any color/design)
  • Scissors (Only needed if using duct tape)
  • Screw driver (Not flathead)
  • A old skateboard

Step 2: Removing Trucks/wheels!

Make sure to remove the nuts/bolts (I forgot what they are) And hold the screw so you can remove the Nuts/bolts and then pop out the screws and the washers (those little thingy under the nuts/bolts) Do this for both trucks

Step 3: Organizing!

Make sure to organize stuff so you dont loose pieces!

Step 4: Finishing Up

I had a giant crack in my skateboard, Used duck tape or else it would rip the trampoline and then yea :(

Step 5: Finished Product!

Heres what it looks like! You can always put the skateboard back together.

If your going to use this for snowboarding:

Wax the snowboard with snowboard wax!

*Snowboarding might be hard without feet handles, try making some! Or find a DIY Skateboard into snowboard guied and maybe it will have steps to create feet handles*

Tape isnt needed unless there are sharp/pointy edges!

Step 6: Riding on It!

Someone requested me on it, im using it on the trampoline.

If you wonderd what it looks like here it is!