Introduction: How to Make a Sock Monkey

Hopefully this is an easy guide to making a sock monkey.
I was talking to my mother a while back and she said she would like to learn to make a sock monkey. I set out to find good directions on making a sock monkey but was having a hard time, so i decided to try to just mimic the sock monkey.

You will need:
a pair of tube socks (Original Rockford Red Heel socks are nice but expensive. So next best thing is any tube sock with the toes and heels a different color then the rest of sock.)
poly-fill (or your choice of stuffing)
Button for eyes
sewing kit (best to have sewing machine but not necessary)

Step 1: Mark, Sew, Cut

One sock is the legs, body, and head. The other sock is divided into the arms, tail, mouth, ears and hat.Turn socks inside out.

Flatten one sock so that the heel lays flat in the middle and the sock lays without curving. This will be the legs, body and head. Mark all the lines where you will cut and sew. From the toe draw a line up the middle to about an inch below the heel. I used dashed lines to mark where to cut and solid lines to mark where to sew.

On other sock the ribbed tube part will be divided into three parts. Two of which are the arms, the last is extra. The heel is the mouth. The toe can be made into a hat (i didn't do). the arch of foot into ears (also didn't do).

Now stuff the legs, body and head but leave enough room to close the top. Sew top close and don't forget to close the crotch.

Now sew all the solid lines then cut the dashed lines. Stuff the tail and sew it onto the center of the heel of head/body/legs sock. Stuff arms and attach them at appropriate location on side of head/body/legs sock. The mouth is a little trickier, you will sew it partly on the lower part of head and stuff it as you sew, then close it off after done stuffing. Sew on the eyes (or cheat like i did and hot glue them on).

Step 2: Be Creative

If you used plain white socks like i did then you might want to make it look better. i would suggest adding color with markers, or let the kids do it.
If you are good at sewing make accessories like a jacket, vest, tie, pants ...

Thanks for checking this guide out! Have fun!

note: i made a second one using a hiking sock, much better but i still need practice.

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