How to Make a Spoon Catapult

Introduction: How to Make a Spoon Catapult

This project is pretty simple, you just get right supplies and follow our directions and you'll have a cool catapult! We did this project because it seemed like it is a fun, creative thing to do. Also, it seemed like it would take the right amount of time to do. Not to short, not to long.

Supplies needed
                                                                             9 popsicle sticks
                                                                             1 plastic spoon
                                                                              Hot glue
                                                                              Thin rubber bands
                                                                              2 binder clips (Right picture)
                                                                              A hand ful of clothes pin (Middle picture)

Step 1: Before You Get Started. . . . .

Get all supplies set up and ready to go. Make sure you have everything we listed.

Step 2: Gluing Sticks

Take three popsicle sticks and glue together with hot glue gun in the flat side of stick. (Repeat 2 more times.)

Step 3: Wraping Rubber Bands

 Take rubber bands and wrap around both ends of glued together popsicle sticks ( Do this step to the rest of the glued popsicle sticks)

Step 4: Attatching Clothes Pin

Take clothes pin and attatch on both ends of glued together popsicle sticks. Pointing side ways ( does not mater if it is left or right)

Step 5: Make Square

Slide another glued popsicle sticks into openings of clothes pin and glue them together. After you finish this step what you have made so far should look like square or rectangle.

Step 6: Pointing Up

Glue two clothes pins into the side of one of the clothes pin, pointing straight up. Shown in picture if confused.

Step 7: Glue Sticks Across

Glue the last glued popsicle sticks across the 2 clothes pin you inserted on the last step.

Step 8: Taking Clips

Take 1 clip and attatch it on the popsicle sticks under the popsicle sticks you inserted last step. Silver handles pointing up.

Step 9: Take Off Handle

Take silver handle pointing to the back off the clip you put on last step.

Step 10: Get the Spoon!

 tape plastic spoon to the silver handle that you didn't take off from the clip.

Step 11: Gluing Rubber Bands

Take 1 or 2 rubber bands and tape the front of the rubber band on the glued popsicle sticks  going across the top. After doing this step you should be able to pull back rubber  band.

Step 12: Rubber Bands on Spoon

Pull back rubber band and tape on the back of the plastic spoon.

Step 13: Finally, You're Done!!!

After you have done all that you should be able to pull back spoon and release and it will shoot something! Do not shoot something sharp, big, pointy, or hard. Only shoot stuff soft (marsmellow, etc.). Have fun with it!

                                                                                If you want catapult to be long living, 
                                                                                clip front of rubber band that is connected to spoon

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    This is a really cool instructable I think that I wouldn't be able to do it but it still looks cool!


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    It could be a little more descriptive, but ovarall I think it is the best homemade catapult I have seen