Introduction: How to Make a Sprite and Object in Gamemaker Studios

This is where you will learn how to make a sprite and object in Gamemaker Studios.

Step 1: Getting a Sprite

First go to "". Then when you get there in the left hand column click on NES which takes you too a bunch of games.

Step 2: Downloading a Sprite

You will locate a sprite by finding a game and then clicking on it and then scrolling down to find the sprites from their game that you want to use. Once you have found a sprite right click on it and click save as image and then put it into a file that is easy to locate.

Step 3: Creating a Sprite

If you open up Gamemaker Studios, then right click on sprites and then click on "create sprite"

Step 4: Loading a Sprite

Once you hit create sprite, a box shows up and then hit "load sprite". Then find the file that you saved your image to and then click on it and hit open. Then hit okay.

Step 5: Creating an Object

Right click on object and then click "Create object"

Step 6: Loading Sprite for Object

Then once you do that name your object and click on the little blue box that says when you hover "click to select sprite to use". This will allow you to make your sprite an object now. Scroll down until you find your sprite and click on it. Hit okay and then your done!