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Introduction: How to Make a Step-by-step Instructable

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Want to share your ideas with the world, but you're confused by how to start? No worries, in this Instructable we'll cover how to make a basic step-by-step Instructable. There are even pictures provided so you can follow along for your first time out.

After this you should have no problems making your own Instructable. If you do, feel free to leave a comment below!

All right, let's get Instructablizing!

Step 1: Video and Files

The first step is to download the image files. Inside are the 6 photos we'll be using here. If you want to see the whole process talked through, check out the video below which covers everything. Otherwise, let's move on to the next step to get started.

Step 2: Getting Started

Getting started is easy.
  1. Click the "submit" button that's always on the top right of the screen.
  2. Click the "Get Started" button for the Step-by-Step option

Step 3: Title and Description

Here we are setting up the most important part of the Instructable: the intro page. What happens here will decide just how many people look at your Instructable so make it great.

For the title:
  • Make the title as descriptive as you can with as few words as you can
  • Try saying it out loud and see if it describes your project
  • Even better, try saying it to someone else
For the description:
  • You have more room to explain what's going to be happening here, but I like to keep this short and to the point as well.
  • Convince readers that they want to read the whole Instructable
  • How would you tell a friend about your project in 30 seconds or less?

Step 4: Add an Image

Now scroll to the bottom and under images click on "Select Files." This means you'll be choosing what image file you want to add to this page.

Next select the image you want. Here that would be pbandj_1.jpg.

Back on the main screen, click "Upload" and you'll see the image pop up when it's done.

That takes care of how to add an image, but here are a few thoughts around what to do for your own main image:
  • Make your item the primary focus of the picture
  • If you can, clear out anything else that would distract when taking the photo
  • Make sure it's in focus! If you want to fill the picture, then pull back a bit to make sure everything is focused and crop the photo later

Step 5: Step 1

The first step of a step-by-step Instructable often covers what is needed. For recipes this can be all of your ingredients. For a workshop project this can include materials and tools. Just make sure you add everything that's needed here so readers can have a quick reference.

In this case it's pretty straightforward, right? Peanut butter, jelly, bread, and a knife. That's a party right there.

For the picture, upload pbandj_2.jpg just like you did for the intro.

Step 6: Multiple Pictures

With the intro and ingredients out of the way, the Instructable is now properly on its way. In this step the first action, spreading the ingredients, is described. Since this one action covers two things happening, the peanut butter and the jelly, we're going to add two photos.

To do this:
  1. Click "Select Files"
  2. Hold down Shift or Ctrl to select multiple pictures
  3. Click "Upload Files"
  4. You're good to go!
The next couple photos in the folder are for one step each. They cover assembling (slap!) and presentation (slice!) of the sandwich. Try making your own titles and descriptions for those.

Step 7: Add From Library

I like to end Instructables with the same photo as the Intro. The Intro shows what the results are and as a conclusion I like to show that the Instructable did reach its intended goal.

To reuse a photo you've already uploaded, click the "your library" tab and click "Add File" for the picture you want.

Step 8: Publishing

When everything is done, it's time to publish and share your work with the world!

  1. Click on the "Publish" tab
  2. Type in a few keywords that relate to your project
  3. Select a subcategory so that people can find your Instructable easily
  4. Select a contest to add it to if it's appropriate
  5. Choose your licensing option
  6. Click "Yes, publish my Instructable!"

Step 9: Enjoy Your Instructable!

Your Instructable is now out there in the wild for everyone to enjoy.

There are many more things you can do with your Instructable, but the basics here are the most important. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments below.

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    I am trying to make an instructable my my windows do not looke like the ones on your pictures. I can't find the "add step" or "next step" button. Can you help?


    9 years ago on Introduction

    can you include adding a You-Tube video to the instructions?


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Yo dog, I heard you like Instructables...

    fungus amungus
    fungus amungus

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Yup, the same joke was made on FB yesterday. It's Instructables all the way down! Which is why I included the "meta" tag for this one.

    This was done by request. People wanted a walkthrough so here it is.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry, I couldn't resist. Great job though, it will hopefully help everyone and improve the site.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    i really needed this when i did my first instructable huge help thanks :)

    if you have a pro account, and want to post any sort of code, please use the source editor and place your code inside PRE tags, which will preserve whitespace and newlines for you and also make the font monospace. Sometimes I even add a boarder around my code blocks.

    example         dfsdf
    int main()

    stuff goes here

    border example using

    <pre style="border-style:dotted; border-width:1px;">
    stuff goes here

    this is also useful for ASCII art

    I wonder if the comments actually allow me to use these tags... the preview is certainly working

    pro-tip: upload everything as a zip file, because instructables renames everything with random letters when it's downloaded. but if you put it in a zip file, the name of the zip file will be changed, but the contents within the zip file will not be renamed


    9 years ago on Introduction

    thanks, great help for me who is a bit intimidated to do my own Intructables


    9 years ago on Step 8

    Step 8, 1st picture - in 'Keywords', you have 'peanut butter' in quotes, but not 'jelly' or 'sandwich' - any specific reason for that?

    fungus amungus
    fungus amungus

    Reply 9 years ago on Step 8

    Great question! The quotes keeps it as one keyword. The others are single words and as such don't need quotes