Introduction: How to Make a Still / Distiller to Extract Any Essential Oils From Plants. Lavender Oil Shown.

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How to make pure essential lavender oil, or any other oil extracted from plants of your choice. The video shows how to make your own DIY simple distillery which is made from a pressure cooker and a 3 meter length of 10 mil copper tube, coiled around a circular object to form the distillation coil. The video shows how we converted the lavender from our garden into essential oil. The principles are the same for any essential oils. The cost of the still was around £6.00 for the tubing, borrowed the pressure cooker from next door, but you will find one of these on any car boot sale for a few pounds / dollars.

In addition to extracting your pure lavender oil, you can also extract Oil of Spike from the left over stems, which was used as a  Lavender Painting Medium and has many other uses.

Oil of Spike Lavender is the ultimate less-toxic painting medium!  It is listed by the FDA as (GRAS) "Generally Recognized as Safe". 
Oil of Spike Lavender is the medium used by Great Masters and recent Artists , including Leonardo and Netherlands painters. Pacheco, in his Arte de la Pintura published at Seville in 1649, advised artists to moisten just the tip of the brush in lavender oil. Oil of Spike Lavender was often washed over a new canvas to prepare it for painting. It was also mixed with the pigments as a base. An artist would dip the brush hairs in the Spike Oil to make brush strokes smoother. Oil of Spike Lavender was the medium of choice from the fourteenth century on. It has an appealing uplifting scent / aroma, and only a small amount is needed - a drop or two at a time.

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