Introduction: DIY Storage Box From Recycled Materials

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MISSION: No more mess!

I needed the storage box for my bathroom to put on the washing machine, because very often in this place mess has been accumulated.

Why buy a ugly plastic box, if I have garage full of materials for recycling?

So, i decided I'll Do It mYself.

It should be good, reliable construction and besides, eco&stylish ;)

Step 1: Materials

  • wood screws
  • wood glue (like vicol, titenbond, et.c.)
  • some pieces of particle board, plywood (from old furniture) or floorboard
  • (optonal: bamboo sticks form old bamboo blind)
  • old wood blinds (IKEA Lindmon)

Step 2: Tools

  • hand drill
  • jigsaw
  • measuring tape
  • sandpaper with holder
  • carpenter's square
  • some clamps

Step 3: Determine the Dimensions and Then DESIGN

As I mentioned I needed a box to place on the washing machine.

You may need something else, so personally adjust the dimensions.

Step 4: Cutting...

When you know the dimensions, the comes a time for cutting...

Remember to proper determine the dimensions of the plates.

Check out twice before cutting. Murphy's laws are working! ;)

Step 5: Assembling...

...with some glue and screws.

Step 6: Outer Layer...

Glue of the outer, decorative layer (from old blinds)...

Step 7: Another Cutting

Cut the protruding ends. After that use sandpapers.

Step 8: Bamboo Covers

Optional You can make a bamboo edge cover.

The most difficult stage was cut along a bamboo stick, but finally I did it with a kitchen knife.

You can do it too. You only need a lot of patience and ...a lot of patience;)

Step 9: Paint

I used waterproof gloss varnish for wood.

Step 10: Necesary Extras

At the end I installed the hinges, furniture dumper and handle.

Step 11: DONE!


Now I can keep things in order ;)

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