Introduction: How to Make a Survival Minnow Trap

As most know when you go camping,hiking,or even just go outside there's no lack of trash the thing is some times trash isn't always bad like when your in a survival situation. you have no food but then you find a water bottle it can be turned into a trap to catch minnows then you can eat the minnows and it saves your life.

Step 1: Supply's

  • water bottle or pretty much any other type plastic bottle
  • string or any other type cordage. in my case paracord
  • bait, the starburst is just there to represent the bait im not sure what minnows eat. ill have to look that up.
  • and a knife or scissors. if you use a knife please be very careful i cut my finger really badly while make this instructable.

Step 2:

its kind of hard to tell you where to cut so just look at the pictures to see where.

and then just put the 2 pieces together to see how they fit

Step 3: Cutting the Holes and Finishing Up

so at this point i forgot to take some pictures of some of the steps im sorry. ok now take the top of the water bottle and take your knife or scissors and just cut a whole bunch of holes all the way around the bottle it doesn't have to be a lot now do the same for the bottom piece now slide them back together now take your string and just thread it though the holes until you think it will hold together then tie a knot and your done now all you need to do is tie the extra cord to a rock then put some bait in it just don't forget to take the off cap like me and find a creek or stream and just throw it in; leave it there over night come back and see if you caught any minnows.

ok first off i know this Instuctable isn't perfect i forgot to take some pictures 2nd i cut my finger pretty badly while doing this so be very careful! 3rd im sorry for such a bad Instructable. ill try my hardest to bring you good content. 4th kind of the reason i didn't take more pictures is because this may not be the best way to do this i want you guys and gals to go out and try different ways to do this because my way might not be the best way.

Thank you so much for the lots of views!!!!!!

This is Shadowhunter, out

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