Introduction: How to Make a Survival Slingshot With Fishing Kit.

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Today I will be showing you how to make a pvc survival slingshot with an inbuilt fishing kit. Before using this please check the hunting and fishing laws in your area, hope everyone enjoys:)

Step 1: Things You Will Need.

To make this you will need a 10lb pouch and band setup, 20cm of 3/4 inch pvc, insulating tape, drawing pins, an elastic band, size 15 hooks, wood varnish and a brush, sand paper, a craft knife, a file, a hacksaw, 10 lb line and piece of wood which is thicker at one end than the other, about 15 cm long and fits easily inside the pvc pipe.

Step 2: The Wood.

If you are wondering, the piece of wood will be the handle of the fishing kit. First sand it down, then apply a thin coat of varnish and leave it to dry for as long as the can says.

Step 3: The Slingshot.

To make the slingshot, first wrap some tape around the middle of the pipe, (or draw a line) then heat up one side of the pvc and cut it to the halfway mark with the craft knife.

Step 4: The Frame.

Heat it again and bend the two parts into a simple slingshot shape, making sure that there is enough room for your hand on the grip.

Step 5: Tape

Cover the whole thing in tape, (preferably something better camouflaged than red) and attach the bands and pouch which for some reason I did not take a picture of, sorry.

Step 6: The Fishing Kit.

Now that you have made the slingshot it is time to move onto the fishing kit. Once the varnish is dry, give the wood another sand. Make two grooves into the thick end of the wood and one large cut into the thin end, then use the file to smooth them down.

Step 7: The First Pin.

Knock a pin into the thick end of the wood, tying a foot of fishing line to the pin before hammering it in fully. Now cut off the excess head of the pin.

Step 8: The Second Pin.

Stick another pin into the thin end of the wood but this time, tie the band to it. Leaving 10 cm excess line between the two pins, tie the other end of the line to the band as shown. This will act as a bite indicator while not allowing the band to snap. If anyone doesn't understand this, please post a comment.

Step 9: Nearly Finished.

Tie another 2 to 3 meters of line with a hook at the end to the length coming off the band as shown. Wrap the line and hook length-ways into the notches at either end of the wood. You are now finished! If you have done it correctly, the whole fishing set should be able to fit inside the grip of the slingshot for easy removal. As always, I hope you catch many fish and birds with it and that it comes in handy on your next camping trip or hike:)

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