How to Make a Throwing Spike (bo Shruiken)




Introduction: How to Make a Throwing Spike (bo Shruiken)

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Hello everyone, i am posting this as a celebration of 8000 views. I just want to say a huge thank-you to everyone for your followings, favorites and comments:)

So to get started, you will need: 2 four inch wood nails, a file, some adhesive air drying putty and insulating or duct tape.

Step 1: The Nails.

Using the file, sharpen the first 1cm of the nail tip to a fine point.

Step 2: The Putty.

Mix the putty or do whatever the pack says you need to, to start it hardening.

Now mold it tightly around the nail heads, making sure there is an equal distribution on both nails.

Step 3: Finishing Off.

As a final touch, wrap about 2m of tape around the dried putty and 1 cm to either side.

To throw it, hold it as shown in pic two, with the thumb holding it in place, and the fingers forming a barrel to enable straight throws: remember to release at a 15 degree angle (pic 5).

If anybody has any problem using this, please leave a comment.

Before making this, please check your country's laws about throwing weapons:)

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