Introduction: How to Make a Timer With Notepad.

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Open notepad.

Here's a base code frame that you can use to make a timer.

@echo off
color 0a
timeout 60
goto 1

color changes the color combination in the application file
timeout set the time in seconds
the :1 and the goto 1 loops the timer so that it stops and resets so you can start it again with a press of a button.
the @ehco off keeps the app from putting other stuff on the app screen to keep it clean and simple.

Step 1:

save the file as a text file ".txt" in the desired location.

Step 2:

then save it again, but this time as a batch file ".bat" in the desired location.

Step 3:

run the batch file.

Step 4:

to edit open the text file, make your changes, save it as a text file, then save agian as a batch file.

Step 5:

now you have a timer.

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