Introduction: How to Make a Two Way Headphone Splliter!

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All of us might had a problem of headphone sharing you often share channels giving a bad sound experience but here i am with an old technique it splits your single headphone port into two! Now some people have confusion that it will reduce the sound quality but i say it doesn't happen the sound quality is only a little bit reduced.But it works very well!

Step 1: Stuff You Need & Expenses

The Stuff You Need is :

  • Male Audio jack - 1$ or 5INR
  • 2 * Female Audio jack (I used one SMT and one leaded) -2$ or 25INR
  • 1m * 3 core wire - 2$ or 30INR
  • A small hard wire with insulation covering. (General stuff of no cost)
  • Casing (it depends on you how you want to encase it! i have used a tin snip.)

Step 2: Technical Details

There is not enough mind in it. I have just connected the 3-core wire to the male jack and the other side of the three core wire to the two female audio plug. The image shown below will let who know more clearly what i am chatting about.

Step 3: Makin!

The making procedure is quiet easy and handy all you need is a Soldering iron.,  Soldering Flux , Pliers and some general tools.
Now you are going to the simple making procedure step by step:

  • First peal of the outer covering of the three core wire from both ends. Then you will see three copper wires from both the ends (though they are colored ). The golden one is the common the red one is for the is generally for the left channel and the blue one is for the right channel though the colors doesn't matter much but it's an standard color of the headphone wiring.You can also cut the wires (As i am doing in img 1) As i said the colors do not matter very much so you can choose any color for any of the channel but remember the wiring you've done!(As you can see in image 1)
  • Now dip the three wires of either side into flux properly to ensure fine soldering.(As i have done it in img 2)
  • Put some solder on each end of either side with a high voltage soldering iron. If you are using a normal soldering iron you will face difficulty doing it because each wire is covered with a thing covering which does not melts easily until you do it by burning these wires and then applying solder or by using a low wattage soldering iron.(As you can see in img 3)
  • Now pass the wire through the outer covering of the male audio plug (Because many of us forget doing this and just solder the jack.)(As you can see in img 4)
  • Now solder the three wires accordingly to the channels as i have given the details at the previous step named as "technical details".(As shown in img5)
  • You have done the job half way.(As seen in img6).
  • Now take the other end and solder it to the first female connector. And be sure about the polarity.(As show in img 7)
  • Now get ready to solder the other female connector to the assembly. (AS in img8).
  • Now solder the other female connector to the setup being sure about the polarity as red to red golden to golden and golden and then green to green with a hard coated wire so that it makes a strong bond between the two connectors. (AS shown in img 9).
  • Now you are done with it the only part left is casing!

Step 4: Casing & Author's Tips!

Now you are going to encase the splitter it is easy to do just do it as i have done watching the images!
Now some tips:
  • You can plug two headphones together!
  • The quality will not be reduced!
  • If you have one good headphone and one bad one you have to adjust the volume accordingly of the bigger headphone to low!
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  • Thanks for Watching!
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