How to Make a Virtual Machine in Virtualbox

Introduction: How to Make a Virtual Machine in Virtualbox

This will be a tutorial on how to create a virtual machine in Virtualbox.

Step 1: Step One

Hit new.

Step 2: Name Your Virtual Machine and Choose the Type of OS You Will Be Using.

Virtualbox will automatically choose the best option for you based off of the name. If you are unsure, use the magic Google.

Step 3: Now Configure the Amount of RAM You Will Need.

For Ubuntu desktop, you will need about 1GB.

Step 4: Configure Hard Disk

You will need to choose to make a hard disk. Choose what I have selected.

Step 5: Choose the Type and Size.

What I have shown is the best option.

Step 6: Choose Your ISO to Boot From

You will need a .iso file to boot from to install an OS

Step 7: Now You Are Ready Start the VM

Once you have started your VM, you should be able to choose your options to install your OS with no issues at all.

Step 8: There You Go!

You have now created a VM in virtualbox.

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    7 years ago

    Is there a way to use a torrent file with VirtualBox?