Introduction: How to Make a Voice Control, Direction Control, Remote Control, Android and Arduino Robot, (3 in One)

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This is a simplified version of any other voice control robot, No complex coding easy to understand coding with easy algorithm.

The app is developed in such a way that it convert the voice command to text and transfer the text to the connected Bluetooth device.

The bluetooth connected on the Arduino board receives text from the Android app as characters and stored them as string to the assigned String.

There are words pre-programmed (forward, reverse, right , left and stop) to the arduino , whenever the received text matches with the pre-programmed words ,the arduino executes the command that assigned to the words.

Arduino can connect to Laptop to monitor serial communication and check the working process and the words received by the Bluetooth.

Required Components:
Arduino Uno

Bluetooth Module

L293D Motor Driver

2x Gear Motor

2x Wheel

1x Chasis

A breadboard Connecting wires

Step 1: Circuit Diagram and Arduino Program

Connect the components according to the circuit diagram

Program the arduino with the uploaded bluetooth program

IF you have any doubts regarding the assembly of the robot please do reply I will add a video about how to assemble the components and make the mechanical structure.

Step 2: Tutorial and Working Video

Step 3: Android Apps

Voice control app:

Direction control app:

Bluetooth Remote control app:

Download the Android apps from the link given above, These apps are developed using MIT App inventor

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