Introduction: How to Make a Website Using

I will teach you how to make websites [for our company] using

Step 1: Signing Up

Go to and sign up with your email [login with our company's information].

Step 2: Adding or Making a Website

If you are signing up it will ask you for your name, email address, and password. after enter those info then click sign up Or if you already have an account, after logging in, you will see an option Add site, Click on that

Step 3: Choosing the Type of Website

It will take you to a page asking you to choose from site, blog, or store. Choose Site.

Step 4: Selecting a Theme

That will take you to the page to choose a theme (design) for the website. [choose an design that suit our client want]

  • You can change your theme (design) later, if you want.

Step 5: Making a Domain

Choosing a theme will take you to a page to choose website domain (web address) with three options;

  • use a sub-domain of
    • [Choose this if the client doesn’t want pay for domain right now.] (I'm choosing this option for the purpose of this project)
  • Register a new domain
  • Connect a domain you already own
    • [choose this option if client already own a domain]

Step 6: Editing

After you choose your domain, you can start editing homepage the website with options you see on left side of the page.

  • You can change heading of the website just by clicking and adding where it says ‘click to add headline’
  • You can change background picture by choosing edit image option in right down side of the image
    • If you change the background, you will see and option to save at the top right. when you click on that you will have an option to save that picture to either that page or entire website. Choose which ever is suitable.
  • You can add content by dragging the options you want from left side. Some options include;
      • Tittle, Text, Image, Gallery, Map, Forums, Videos, and etc.

Step 7: Adding Pages

1. You can add new pages by click on pages option on top of the page

    • Clicking on pages option will show all your pages on left side with heading Pages and a ‘+’ sign.
    • Clicking ‘+’ sign will give you the options to add standard page, blog page, store page, or external page.
    • When you choose which type of page you want, it will ask you want you want the page name to be.
    • After changing name, click Save, then you can start editing that page.

Step 8: Publishing

  • Finally, after you finish editing and careful review, you publish that website using option Publish option right-top side.
    • When you click on publish, it will ask you to categorize the website. After categorizing, click on continue.
    • Now the website has been PUBLISHED on internet.

Step 9: Republishing

You can always go back and edit the website and republish it.

  • When you go back to your weebly homepage, it will show you every site you have with the option to edit it.
  • You can edit and republish with new information or new design.