Introduction: How to Make a Weeping Angel Mask (From Doctor Who)

For the mask you will need a few things:

- a paper mask (not shown in picture)
- some plain white air dry clay
- a paintbrush
- some black and white acrylic paint (and or grey if you have it)

Step 1: Sculpting the Mask

This is the main step. You will need the air dry clay and the mask for this step, begin to sculpt the features of the face, i started from the eyebrows and worked down.

here are some things to note while doing this step: 

- The eyebrows should not just slant up, make sure they come back down so it looks more natural
- The nostrils will be flared because of the face the angel is making
- The eyes will probably be a little squinted so you will have to do this with clay as the mask won't be like that
- It is ok if the clay is not completely smooth, as stone is not perfect
- make sure you don't cover the nostril holes, or is will be very difficult to breathe inside
- If the clay is not staying on the mask very well, smooth some glue over the mask first
- Make sure the sides bland into the mask or it will look unnatural

Step 2: Painting the Mask

First, mix the black and white until it is a stone grey or a grey you desire 

Paint the entire mask with that grey

add a little black into the remaining grey and paint the lowlights of the face

here are the places that should be low lighted: 

- In the creases of the eyebrows
- The inside of the eye, next to the nose
- Around the nose and mouth where it creases in
- In any creases in general

you can leave it like this or poke holes in the side of the mask and attach elastic :)

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial :) enjoy.