Introduction: How to Make a Whale Lamp

Make this great decor for your home that is family friendly and easy to make.

Step 1: Make the Shape of the Whale

Make the form of the whale by first making a circle for the head that is flat from the bottom. Next, make an inclined piece that will be attached to to the top of the whale's head. Finally, make the tail and connect everything with nails as there are three different pieces.

Step 2: Accessories

Make the eyes by making a small circle for each eye. Then make the mustache but make sure it fits it perfectly under the eyes since there is no mouth. Finally make a top hat for the whale to add to its style. Make sure to let the clay dry completely until it is hard before you start painting.

Step 3: Painting

Now that you are ready to paint, clear your area and have napkins near by to clean up any messiness. Use acrylic paint to paint the whale and choose the color of your likings to do it. Paint everything one time through and wait for that to dry. After it has dried, now give it another pass to ensure that every spot on the whale is covered.

Step 4: Painting Phase Ends

Do any touch ups necessary to completely paint your whale and get ready to drill the lamp.

Step 5: Installation Phase Begins

Grab a slab of of wood that is 5x6 and paint it to the color of your choice.

Step 6: Drilling

Drilll a hole in the back of the whale where the lamp will be inserted. The hole has to be deep enough to where you can see the other side of the whale. Now insert the lamp and glue it for support with a hot glue gun since it is sturdier. Now wait till the glue is dry and the lamp has some sort of stability.

Step 7: Stabilizing the Lamp

Pile clay on to the bottom of the lamp to where it is covered and it seems to be sturdy enough to move it around. Finally, wait till it is dry to continue to paint.

Step 8: Touch Ups

Now that your clay has hardened, paint everything again including the extra clay that is being used for reinforcement. Also paint the lamp if you'd like it to be a different color.

Step 9: Final Step

Install the lamp somewhere in your house and the whale lamp will give it new life as it is a wonderful piece of decoration.