Wind Chime of Kitchenware

Introduction: Wind Chime of Kitchenware

Step 1: Think of a Design for the Wind Chime.

- Start with trying to make a design for the wind chime.
- Answers these questions for a clear image of the design and for a good planning: What kind of material am I going to use? What tools do I need to make this and where are you going to place the wind chime?

We are going to make a wind chime that is made out of kitchenware. We are going to use materials like cutlery, pans, lids and a grill rack. It is important that the materials are made out of metal, because this will make sure that the materials will make the sound that we want.

Step 2: Collect the Needed Materials and Tools.

We have to collect materials. With that we mean; knives, forks, spoons, ladles, whisks, ice scoops, a grill rack, etc. (mostly cutlery)

We also have to collect tools. With that we mean; scissors, nylon draw wire, steel wire and a pincer.

Notice: Make sure that the cutlery is made out of metal, for the sound. Also make sure that the cutlery is nice to look at to make the wind chime look more beautiful.

Step 3: Apply the Cutlery Onto the Nylon Draw Wire.

- Use a pincer to cut the nylon draw wire/ steel wire.
- Use 4 to 5 threads and apply these to the cutlery.
- Tie the cutlery underneath each other, but make sure that they’re not too far apart from each other but also not too close, this will make a nice sound effect.
- Make sure that the wire is steady and that you have made enough knots, this way there is no chance of the wind chime to falling apart.

Step 4: Apply the Threads With Cutlery Onto the Grill Rack.

- Again, make sure that there is no way that the cutlery can fall off.
- Try making some sound with the cutlery before hanging it onto the grill rack, it would be a shame if it doesn’t make any sound but you already attached it onto the grill rack, you’d have to start all over.
- Tie the nylon draw wire/ steel wire onto the grill rack and make sure that it is secure. (Tie extra knots)

Step 5: Securely Hang the Wind Chime at the Right Place.

- With the help of others, carry the wind chime to the chosen place. Hanging it in a hollow surrounding will make sure that the wind chime produces more sound.
- Tie, or maybe if needed plug, the wires onto the ceiling.
- Attach the wind chime onto the wires.

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