Introduction: How to Make a Wooden Orcish Dagger

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So, with all the projects going around about Skyrim, I thought I'd share my own! I will show you how to make a wooden Orcish dagger, and when you level it up you get 8(?) Damage in an object that only weighs 3 and has a base value of 30 gold! I think this is your winner even if I do prefer elven.

So what you need is a piece of wood you will be using for the dagger
Airdry clay
gray paint
leather strips
Hot glue gun
Dremel (Not unnecessary but very helpful)
wood shaver
half circle files
sand paper

Step 1: Shaping

Draw your design onto the wood you chose, I made my dagger about 12'' long. Put the wood in the vice and start sawing.
Then when you get the main shape, start going in closer. My wood split a little but I filled it in later. 

Then get out your dremel/file and start shaping the grooves. Use your wood shaver to make the handle round, not square-ish. Look at pictures.

Step 2: Detailing

Get out your sand paper, start out with a lower grit and work your way up to higher until you are satisfied.
Get out the clay and start shaping the parts. You may want to secure it with super glue depending on what kind of clay you used, because mine cracked.

Step 3: Painting

First, I coated it in a nice layer of spray on rubber to help keep everything in tact, it also served as a base coat. Then get your green paint and start layering it on, next paint the handle brown, Get the black paint and put on a heavy coat and quickly wipe it up to give it a used look.

Step 4: Finishing

Almost there! Get out the hot glue gun, gray and black paint, and your leather strips. Start at the bottom of the handle, wrapping the strip around, then crossing about twice on one side and finish wrapping at the bottom and use some hot glue to secure it.

Use the hot glue to put little dabs on the crossing parts and on the butt of the handle where you have the insignia. Paint the glue gray and the lines leading off the back black, You may want to weather it using the same method as before.

Sorry I don't have many pictures but you can figure it out.

Step 5: Done!

Congratulations, now you can go pull sneak attacks on thugs! I hope you enjoyed and please vote!

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