Introduction: How to Make a Wooden Canvas Picture

How to Make a Wooden Canvas Picture
By Racheal Gill
I am going to teach you how to turn a regular picture into a canvas style print in six easy steps. This is a different way to take your pictures out of an ordinary frame and make them into a piece of art. What I show you can be used with any size of picture and board, making each picture a custom design by you. Once you have gathered all the necessary materials you will be ready to follow the step by step instructions below. These steps are laid out in easy to read and follow instructions so you cannot go wrong.
Materials Needed
 Acrylic Paint (any color you want)
 Paint Brush (pick a size that will be easiest depending on the size of board you choose to paint, the bigger the size the bigger the brush)
 Picture (any size you want)
 Wooden Board (size needs to be equal with the picture size)
 Rubber Cement (or any type of glue that works with wood)
 Mod Podge
 Sponge Brush
 Sandpaper

Caution: You may want to lay down a towel before getting started to avoid any messy spills or paint drips.
1. Take your picture and place it on the board to make sure you know the correct placement. If your picture is a little larger than the wood don’t worry about trimming unless it is by a large margin. For the final step we will even out all discrepancies.
2. Paint the entire piece of wood any color you wish using the acrylic paint and paint brush. Let dry completely (usually 5-10 minutes)
3. Using the rubber cement, glue the picture onto the wooden board. It is easiest to place glue on the board but you can also put the glue on the picture. Let dry completely (check in 5 minutes, give more time if needed)
4. Take sponge brush and dip the entire tip into the Mod Podge and paint the picture using long strokes. Make sure to distribute an even layer over the entire picture.
5. Once the whole picture is covered start dabbing it with the sponge brush giving the picture a sponged texture. Let dry completely (test dryness in 10 minutes, give more time if needed)
6. Take the sandpaper and sand over all four edges of the picture and wood. This will make the picture look as if it is a part of the wood and even out any sharpness or discrpancies in size.
You have now completed the steps to make your picture into a canvas masterpiece. You can do this with any size picture you wish and get creative with the paint for the wood board. You could spend around $50.00 to have this done professionally or you can save yourself more than half that money and do it yourself. Also by doing this yourself, you get to customize each picture and give it its own look and personal touch that will match your home décor.