Introduction: How to Make a Wooden Spatula, Freehand : Part I

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Make cooking tools with woods you associate with food: maple, apple, cherry, butternut, pear, etc.

I worked with a piece of scrap maple. I roughed (REALLY rough) the shape with a pencil.

I got to work with the bandsaw, cutting out the profile and some of the curvy plane parts (take a look at the photos, I think you'll see what I mean.) I kept these things in mind:

- Use a push stick to buffer your hands from the material
- Only push as hard as the material wants to advance
- Maintain at least one planer-flat surface so I have something flat to support on the saw's work table

The next steps were to refine the shapes and thin out the spatula. I did this with an angle grinder fit with a 36 grit flapwheel AND I DID IT OUTSIDE to let the dust blow away and decompose. Yessir.

ALWAYS clamp the work down. Even if it's just a "quick little" whatever. You'll thank me.

This instructable ends with roughing out the shape - fine tuning and finishing to come later!