How to Make an AWESOME LOOKING LOW BUDGET Dead Space Helmet

Introduction: How to Make an AWESOME LOOKING LOW BUDGET Dead Space Helmet

Hey guys, this is TheNew52 with an awesome new build I have perfected. During last summer, as I taught kids about art as my summer time job, I had an idea. Lets make an AWESOME Dead space helmet on the cheap within a short amount of time. So in my Dead space craze, I came across many tutorials for the classic Level 3 helmet build, but they were all really expensive. So my creative self said, "Lets do something better". And we did... This helmet was made before i had an instructables account so there is no step-by-step pictures of the build, but i will go over the helmet in detail so you know exactly what to do to make your own! Enjoy!

Step 1: Your Materials...

So, for this build, you will need:

Foam floor mats (You can buy them at Lowes in a 4 pack)

Xacto knives

Hot Glue


Colored binder dividers

LED Lights (Optional)

Flexible Cardstock


A pair of hands

A creative mind

A heat gun

Metal bowl

Step 2: The Construction of the Helmet...

To begin, you will cut out a large circle bigger than your head. Take the circle and put it on top of the metal bowl, heat the foam with the heat gun, and push down the foam into the bowl to create a dome. Next take the cardstock and start to block out the sides of the helmet by cutting one large rectangle sheet of cardstock as long as your head (it should go all the way around your dome), cut it out, glue it to the dome's edges and cut the bottom of your helmet to you liking. Next we'll cut out a rectangle out of the cardstock on the helmet to make the visor. Then, cut a rectangle out of the foam that is slightly larger so that it fits over the gap. Cut large slits in the helmet so you get that classic Dead Space look. After that is done, choose a binder divider to make your visor (I chose green). Cut the divider to fit the rectangle with the slits in it and glue into place. Next, glue the rectangle to the helmet and you have your basic helmet. Detail to your liking, paint, weather, and you have a finished piece. To add lights, just glue in the LEDs around the visor to light it up! Comment and tell me if you made one. I'd love to see them. And as always, Stay Crafty my Friends!


Step 3: Weathering and Detail...

To make the helmet really pop, you need to weather and age it. What i went for was a more banged up, blood spattered look. To create scratches, get a large, rough, and dry thistle brush and dip just the tips of the brush in the silver paint and go over the edges. To get the blood spatter effect, water down red paint, dip the paintbrush into the mix, and let the paint fly! Pair this helmet with an upcoming plasma cutter (foreshadowing... Hee hee!) and you've got one heck of a Dead Space Costume!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very cool! I like that you took a simple approach, but the finished helmet is still pretty unmistakable as a Dead Space helmet. Good work.