How to Make an Alcohol Stove




Introduction: How to Make an Alcohol Stove

An stove made from a tin for survival or camping purposes

Step 1: Get a Suitable Tin

Get a tin that you can use for your stove. Make sure that you choose one that can hold a pot comfortably.

Step 2: Create Circle for Hole Placement

Draw a circle the size of the tin lid. Divide that cicle into 16 pieces.

Step 3: Make Holes in the Cicle

Use a toothpick to make holes on the edge of every line and inbetween the two lines

Step 4: Attach the Circle to the Lid

Roll up a piece of tape with the sticky side on the outside. Place the tape in the middle of the circle. Place the circle on the lid.

Step 5: Marking the Holes

Take a permanent marker and mark the holes onto the lid.

Step 6: Making the Holes

Take a hammer and nail and hammer a hole where all the permanent maker dots are.

Step 7: Pouring the Alcohol

Pour alcohol into the tin

Step 8: Lighting the Stove

Hold a lighter below the stove. Wait for a few moments then place a lighter on the top of the stove. The stove will then ignite.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Good job ,, thanks for sharing :) ,,,

    How much time this stove should work?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Go to the plant store and get a bag of perlite. Put it inside your tin. The perlite absorb the alcohol and you get a more even release of the flammable gases. Also, it slows down spills if you know your stove over. Nice design.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Ok, and you put the pot on this covering the holes extinguishing the flame. Paráda!