Introduction: How to Make an Avenger: "Wasp" Costume

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What’s all the “buzz” about?? it’s the WASP!  i know, that was an awful joke. While there have been many renditions of Wasp from the Avengers, this version is from the “Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” show.



-black strapless dress

-black tights


-black fabric

-chop sticks

-wrap around headphones

-thick heavy gauge wire (home depot)

-reflective wrapping paper

-long shoe lace

-yellow gloves: optional (or you can make your own)


Step 1: Boots

You have your options. You have to decide if these will be your permanent “wasp” boots, or you would like to salvage your regular boots for a later date.

Take a look at my boot tutorial in my “how to build a Robin: Damien Wayne Costume”

(Image 1)
masking tape and then foam (so you can salvage your original boot)


(Image 2)
Foam directly on your boot

Step 2: DRESS and CHOKER

- Put on your black leggings and then your black strapless dress. Take your yellow fabric and cut out the pattern to sew on top of the black dress. i hand stitched mine together so that there was some pull still to it and it could be easily taken off later. If you are more experienced with sewing, you could probably use a sewing machine.

- Remember that there is a black stinger on the back of the dress.

For the choker, i just took a black strip of fabric, hemmed the top and bottom, and put a button through it. you could probably use velcro too if you wanted.



(Image 1)

For the arms, first you want to make black tubes that will fit on the upper part of your arm. Perhaps underneath the armpit works. (pic B)

(Image 2)
Then for the forearm covers, take foam, cut them at an angle on the top and put them around your forearm. You can use a heat gun or blow dryer to help mold the shape. (pic C)

(Image 3)
You can close the forearm covers with fasteners 

For the gloves themselves, you can either just get some yellow gloves at a store, but the yellow colors may not match up. OR you could just make your own glove with the yellow fabric. Check out my glove tutorial in my “how to make a Robin: Damien Wayne costume” link below.

Step 4: WINGS

Take your wire and bend it into the shape below in pic D.

Once you are satisfied, take more wire and wrap it around the middle of the wings to add some security to the structure (pic E).

With your translucent wrapping paper, wrap and glue it around your metal structure (pic F).

Once this is done, cut out two circles from cardboard (big enough to cover the wire in the middle of your wings). Put a piece on both sides (like a sandwich).

That way, the knot of wire can’t be seen, and it also wont be jabbing you in the back (pic G).

Take your long shoe lace and thread it into both pieces of cardboard. it will act as a strap to wrap around your shoulders (pic H).

Step 5: Antennae: Part 1

Cut out a circle of cardboard big enough to cover your ear. Then, take a strip of cardboard and put it around the circle, making a “cup”.

Once that is done, take some wire that you used for the wings and curve it into a “U” so that you can connect the two ear pieces. Kinda like ear muffs

Take your chop sticks and stick them on both sides. (pic I)

Step 6: Antennae: Part 2

Now, take your headphones and glue the ear pieces to the inside of the cardboard circle.You can now attach them to your ear. If you don’t have them, i don’t think it will be a problem, but it may not feel as secure on the person’s head.

*when you put this on, use your hair to cover up the wire. I suggest painting the wire a similar color to the person’s hair

Step 7: Finished!

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