How to Make an Awesome Design Lamp




Introduction: How to Make an Awesome Design Lamp

the informations that follow are not the solution to achieve a designer lamp, I give you slopes, you are free to follow them to adapt them and customize the design according to what you like!

The ideal is to achieve my lamp to know a company that can cut through metal laser. If you are super handy and careful, it is possible to realize the lamp in wood.


First you need to choose an animal that you like and look up for reference image.

I personally find that the deer is a beautiful animal, it is a graceful and noble animal. Woods perfectly balance the head and give greatness - great for a wall.

Step 2: Step 2: Trace the Drawing.

I use Illustrator to trace my design. it's the perfect software because it allows you to export your track to the format necessary to cut into the metal : .DXF .DWG ou .IGS

Laser cutting imposes some constraints: the empty less than 2 millimeters will not be cut. that's why I chose to perforate the head of the animal. using small circles of diameters ranging from 3 to 6 millimeters.

This lamp will be the Christmas gift of my sister, the fact that perforate the piece adds a "female" note and "delicate."

I like the "crazy" design, so I decided to add accessories to my deer. glasses and a bow tie.

Feel free to add mustaches or monocle or, if you want to add steampunk note to the project, a top hat for exemple.

The only limit is your imagination !!

The most powerful laser cutters can cut metal 10 cm thickness ! Here our piece will not suffer of "fatigue" (mechanical term for stress / force / friction applied to the object). A thickness of 1.5 millimeters is enough for the lamp.

In the drawing you will notice that I also designed the piece that i will use to fix the lamp on the wall. once the piece is cut, it will be folded to obtain a "U".

Step 3: Step 3 : First Assembly

To fix the details of the animal we use stainless steel screws.

To remain delicate and fine, I polished the heads of my screws to erase the markings and have a less aggressive form of head, more discreet.

The wall mount, glasses and the deer's head are held together by the same screws.

Step 4: ​Step 4: Disassembles and Polished On!

To polish stainless steel, I first use a 1000 grit sandpaper. I make ONLY rotation movements to avoid marking the metal.

I add penetrating oil and I re-performs the same rotational movements. for several hours to obtain a suitable result!

I re-assemble the lamp and go to step 5: electrical installation.

Step 5: Step 5: Electrical Installation

For the cable I chose a color braided electrical cable to add a touch "design". A straight jack for plugging in small corners.

The switch is integrated on the sockets. So it is not visible.

Choose a light bulb with a very wide angle of illumination to maximize the effect of the perforating head. If you opt for steampunk details you can choose a light bulb "vintage" with a yellow light.

Step 6: Step 6: Tips and Tricks

When you trace your pet head or the accessories using Illustrator (or other software), you must keep in mind that the whole piece must be connected. Like a stencil ! if not, some parts could fall.

the deer head construction's cost is 100 € (supplies + metal cutting)

more cutting will be difficult the higher the price will be high

The final piece can be painted or varnished.

Voilà. i hope you like it

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