How to Make a Iphone Charger

Introduction: How to Make a Iphone Charger

Materials: 2 diodes, 2 bright led's, 1 small blue led, 1 green led, 3 battery connector, 4 2300 milli amps double aa batteries, soldering iron, solder, wires, a container, female usb hub, 2 100 k resistor, 2 330 ohm resistor, 1 scr, 4 800 milli amps aa batteries, paint, paint brush.

Step 1:

 Gather all the materials that you need to make the charger and prepare your working station.

Step 2:

Get your female usb hub and solder the two 100 k resistors to the data lines on the usb.

Step 3:

Solder a wire to the negative line of the usb and solder wire to the positive line and on the end of the resistors.

Step 4:

“Making the flashlight” Get your scr or your Silicon-controlled rectifier and solder the gate to the switch and the end of the switch to the left pin of the scr then solder the right pin to the led then connect a wire to the base.

Step 5:

“Making the external charger” Take your two diodes and solder them together (make sure that there facing one direction), solder a wire to the end of the diodes. (Optional) Take your led and solder a resistor at the end of the positive side on the led and solder a wire to the resistors end then connect the wire on the opposite side of the diodes.

Step 6: ''Extra''

"Making the internal charger" 

Step 7:

Paint the container of your circuit.

Step 8:

Connect the battery and test it.

Step 9:

When this happens to you it means that your portable charger needs to charge.(charging is not supported with this accessory).

Step 10: Enjoy!!!!

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    gomad 510
    gomad 510

    9 years ago on Step 10

    I want to thank Ms. B for making this project possible.