Introduction: How to Make an LED Fly Swatter Switch

Step 1: Create Your Schematic

For this step you need to figure out how you will wire the fly swatter to the batter to create a switch using aluminum foil on the fly swatter as the switch itself.

Step 2: Now Let's Add the Aluminum Foil

Make sure you add a piece of foil to the fly swatter and attach the wire to the foil.

Step 3:

For this switch, you can solder the inside wires of a telephone cable to wire coming down the fly swatter.

Step 4: Attach to Power

The wires connecting to the aluminum on the fly swatter need to be connected to power on something like a 9v battery.

Step 5: Attach the LED

The LED needs to be attached to ground directly and then the positive leg of the LED needs to be attached to a resistor and run straight to the piece of foil, this is a different piece of foil than is on the fly swatter, and when this piece touches the fly swatter, it will complete the circuit.

Step 6: Details of the Battery

Check to make sure your battery is wired correctly.

Step 7: Check Your LED

Check to make sure your LED is wired correctly

Step 8: Watch It Work

Check out the movie to see how it works!