Introduction: How to Make an LED Valentine Card-

Make this card for Valentine's Day or any day! You will need some simple tools like pliers, clippers, scissors and a glue gun. You will also need:

  • Bare conductive ink pen
  • Coin battery
  • Small paper clamp
  • Paper
    • Optional- bling and fluff

Step 1: Prepare the LED-

The long end is positive and the short end is negative. You will need to trim the wires, so mark the positive end with a black marker to be sure your circuit goes the right way (energy flows through an LED in only one direction). Then bend the wires flat so they will lay against the paper.

Step 2: Plan the Circuit Path and LED Position.

Cut a long rectangular piece of paper. I used decorative scrap book paper with a design on the back. Fold the paper to make a card. The top of the card (or whatever side will contact the battery on the top) needs to be cut about 3/4 of an inch shorter than the back.

Poke a hole in one side for the LED to come through. I used a knitting needle to make a clean hole. Then, draw the line you will follow to make the circuit. Mark the positive and negative. I used the coin battery with the negative at the bottom, so the negative side of the LED is facing the battery and the positive side faces the other end (which will fold down and connect to the positive side of the battery).

Step 3: Paint the Ink "wire"-

Carefully paint a line with the conductive ink. Be sure to make a big blob on each end. Poke the LED through the paper and lay the wires on the line, adding another blob of ink on each end of the wires to glue them down.

Step 4: Make the Inside-

When the ink is dry, position a piece of inner paper to create a place to write a message and hide the circuit. Be sure to cut tabs on each end for the ink "wires" to connect with the battery. Tack the inner paper down with hot glue on four corners.

Step 5: Decorate the Outside-

I made the outside of the card with some contrasting paper and a foam heart. I poked a hole for the LED in the center. I glued it onto the outside of the card. You can decorate the outside of your card however you like.

Step 6: Final Touches-

Clamp on the battery (be sure to put negative side down). You can put a dab of wet ink on before you place it and it will act like glue. If you want to be able to switch out the battery easily, make sure the ink is dry.

I put a couple of little bits of velcro on the ends to keep the card closed, but it works well without.

I put a little tap in front of the positive side of the battery, so that it would not make contact when folded in an envelop.

Step 7: Let Your Love Light Shine!

To enjoy your card, remove the tab, clamp on the cover to make a good connection and use the ends of the clap to hang it up!