Introduction: How to Make an Omnipresent Photograph

Step 1: Steps 1 & 2

- Digital Camara
- Tripod (optional)
- Computer (with Photoshop)

1. Pick a location to carry out your scene.

2. Place your tripod on a safe and secure location, where you are sure it will not move.
- (if not using a tripod place camara on a flat area, and try not to move it between pictures taken.)

Step 2: Step 3

3. Put the camara in timer mode or have another person take the pictures for you. 
- Place yourself and/or other people in different locations for each picture taken.

Step 3: Step 4

4. Download the pictures to the computer.

Step 4: Step 5

5. Chose the best shots that would work together.
- THink about location, overlapping, among other things.

Step 5: Step 6 & 7

6. Open each picture in Photoshop, all in different Tabs.

7. Take one of the pictures as your base (meaning that you will use it as your back layer).

Step 6: Step 8

8. Go to another Tab, with a different picture, and with the "Lasso Tool (L)" (in the tool box) select the area around the person.
- (include shadows created by the person)

Step 7: Step 9

9. Copy the selected area and paste it on the base picture.
- the picture will be pasted on a separate layer, move the area to the corresponding location, so that the surroundings fit appropriately.

Step 8: Step 10

10. Do the same for all the pictures you want to include on the base picture.
- Try to avoid overlapping pictures.

Step 9: Step 11

11. Save the Base Picture with all the additional layers as a .JPG file.
- Place it as your Facebook profile, background, or screensaver, or whatever you want to do with it.