Introduction: How to Make an Acrylic Batman Climb a Building

materials needed:

11 sheets of 4' x 10' fluted aluminum
50 2 x 4's
150 sheet metal self tapping screws
100 2 ½ deck screws
100 1 ½ deck screws
1 3' piece of wire
1 4” acrylic batman in climbing stance

tools needed
water jet (thanx techshop)
chop saw
hand drills
measuring tape
1 awesome teammate

Step 1: Make Said Building

using the water jet cut, out a designed skyline, building by building.

repeat this step til you have a city skyline that works for you, then layout your city skyline to make sure your vision has came out correct.

also, make a series of 4"x 4' strips that will be used later ( i made 20)

Step 2: It's All in the Frame Job

next you need to layout your 2x4's, make them fit inside your buildings and cut them to size.  don't forget to make corner bracers for extra strength.

next use the sheet metal screws to attach the building to the frames.

Step 3: It's All in the Frame Job Part 2

next we need some A frame support.  attach a 2x4 off of the builing frame coming out at a 90 degree angle, then attach another 2x4 coming off of the building frame to the support on an angle that keeps the wood "underneath" the metal.  we can't let any wood be seen in our city. 

when finished throw the sandbags on the end of the a frames for more weight.

Step 4: Hide the Wood and Fill in the Cracks

remember the strips we cut out earlier?  well, it's time to use them now.  any wood that you can see, needs to be covered up with those strips, and where the city "bends" we need to use those strips to fill in the open spaces.  also note the awesome teammate, who is not happy to be in the picture.

Step 5: Just Add Batman

now that the city is done just add batman, and there ya go, an acrylic batman climbing a building.