How to Make an Animation on Adobe Flash

Introduction: How to Make an Animation on Adobe Flash

This instructable will tell you how to make a basic animation on Adobe Flash. This will help you make satisfying, funny, and really cool animations. Hope this helps you make really awesome animations. :)

Step 1: Make an Object/character

You can make an object or character that you would like to animate by using the tools given to you, good tools to use are the brush and paint.

Step 2: Make Another Frame

To make another frame, just right click on the rectangle in your timeline next to your first frame. Then click 'insert blank keyframe'.

Step 3: Onion Skin

By clicking Onion skin, you will be able to see the frame before your current frame. This makes it easier to make an object move without making the object to different from the first frame. To activate Onion skin click on the Onion skin tool in your timeline.

Step 4: Next Frame

Create your object again in the area you want it to move.

Step 5: Repeat

Repeat step 2 to make another frame.

Step 6: Continue

Continue on with your object movements.

Step 7: Done

When you are finished your animation, move the red mark in your timeline to the front of your animation, and press the play button. You can then make tweaks to your animation if needed.

Step 8: This Is How My Animation Turned Out.


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    6 years ago

    Hi, thanks for making this instruction. What exactly is Adobe flash? I only saw Adobe flash player and Flash builder from adobe.