How to Make an Art Tablecloth for Small Children



Introduction: How to Make an Art Tablecloth for Small Children

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This is almost like a tutorial, it's more just do it and you need it. OK, you need it if you have a small child, or if you like to paint and you are a messy painter or a messy person with paint buckets, like me. I admit some tablecloth for me is not a bad idea at all, because I always need to clean some paint effect from my table. I'm a messy person, so don't shot me. I will explain how I get this idea, and if you like it, you could use it for yourself. I have a small kid and we like to paint, and draw...we have a small Ikea table to do that. I was planning to paint that table, but like on a lot projects I didn't do that.

This table stands in my kids place and has sharp edges. So idea was to make it safer, (you know with small children you need to protect the sharp edges). From this main problem the idea involved on the next level. What if we have an oil tablecloth, with soft edges, and with possibilities to wipe it off when it will be covered with paint and even the possibilities to split a little bit of water on it? Then I was thinking it how to do that and I remember my old project when I make upholstery on one of the chair that we have. Do you know the upholstery technique that have a round canal on the edges? I like that effect so I use it here too.

This is the story how to make an art tablecloth with vintage print oil cloth.

Step 1: Soft Edge

Make a soft edge with a strap of oli cloth and a soft padding. I have 4 cm wide strap, but I recommend to you to have 5 or more, depends on a thickness of padding.

Step 2: Sewing Soft Edge to the Oil Cloth

Now, you are ready to sew soft edge to the table top 1 cm from the edge. After that you could sew a 10 cm or wider strap for side of the table cloth.

For more similar how to project go to my Bludor magazine.

Enjoy, and if you will do this, send me a picture. Thanks.

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