Introduction: How to Make an Awesome Little Clay Penguin!

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This is my first instructable so i hope you like it!

In this instructable i will show you how to make a small penguin from clay.

Step 1: Materials

To make your penguin you need these materials:

1. Black, white, orange, and blue clay (i used sculpey III but any colored clay will do)
2. a knife
3.something flat and sharp

Step 2: Making the Body

Take a lump of black clay and roll it into a ball. Then, press both ends down on the table. make it so that the top end is slightly skinnier then the other.

Step 3: Make the Head

Take a small lump of black clay and roll it into a ball. make the top of the ball pointy and the bottom end match the size of the skinny end of the body. Put it on the penguins body and mold it there.

Step 4: Here's Where It All Starts to Come Together.

Up until now it really hasn't looked very much like a penguin. that is about to change. take a piece of white clay and flatten it out. cut it so it is an oval shape just smaller than the penguins stomach. then mold it on where you want the front to be. then, take a smaller piece of white clay and flatten it out. cut it into a round piece and put it on the penguins head.

Step 5: Make the Face.

take a small piece of orange clay and shape it so it looks like a small ice cream cone. mold that towards the bottom of your penguin face. then take two tiny tiny pieces of any color clay you want to make the eyes, and then press those on.

Step 6: Make the Feet and the Arms

take some orange clay and flatten it out. Take the flat sharp thing (see materials) and cut two triangles. mold those to the bottom of your penguin. to make the arms, flatten out a piece of black clay and cut it so it is a small oval. make two of these. they should go to about the penguins neck to where the white part ends. i like to make the arms go across his chest.

Step 7: Now Dress Him (or Her) Up!

i made a top hat for this particular one, but you can make anything you want! i also made one with a snowboard and one that is ice fishing. i cooked those ones for a bit to long though and now the ice fishing one looks like he is fishing in a pile of oil and the snowboard is pretty burnt.

Step 8: EDIT!!!

EDIT:to make this slightly more holiday oriented, I have added how to make a Santa hat and how to make it into a Christmas ornament.

To make the hat, you will need:
1.Small amount of red clay
2.Small amount of white clay

Step 9: Make the Hat Shape

Take the ball of red clay and make the top into a point, flatten the bottom, and curve the top to the side a little bit. Now you have your basic hat shape. To make it fit onto your penguins head better hollow out the inside like a pinch pot. Ignore the green clay in the last picture.

Step 10: Put the Ball on the End of the Hat

Well, what are you waiting for? Do what the title says! Take a small bit of the white, and roll it into a ball. Fasten it to the end of the hat.

Step 11: Put the White Lining Stuff Around the Hat

Take the rest of your white clay and roll it out until it is so thin that it is about to break. Place your hat in the middle and cut the white out into an even square around it. Cut off the four corners of the square (You will probably want to look at the picture for this). Fold up the pieces and cut stuff of until it looks right (see picture 3).

Step 12: Make Them Into an Ornament

To make them into an ornament is quite easy! All you have to do is take a pin and stick it through the head, or the hat. Put some string through there (after they are baked of course. Had to learn that the hard way)... and your done! Admire your homemade Christmas ornament!