Introduction: How to Make an Easy Iphone Alarm Clock Stand

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This is a one piece flat stand to use with your iphone when it is charging from the cable. For me it means I can use it as an alarm clock by my bed whilst being able to see it. Its also a one piece design so its very easy to make. I got the idea from a kensington stand that I had seen on the internet, obviously this is less technical, uses less materials, does exactly the same.

Step 1: List of Things You Will Need

For this you will need the / a charging cable like the one that came with the iphone.
Some graph paper
accurate way of cutting acrylic, saw
Glue stick
Some scrap acrylic or wood or anything similar. I used acrylic that was 2mm thick.

Step 2: Making the Template

This is the drawing below that I made, you should be able to copy the template from the picture and then redraw it. Each tiny square is 2mm and each larger square is 1cm. You don't have to worry about the angles when drawing it as this has already been done by me.

This gives an angle of about 60 degrees from the rear.

Once you have the template you can measure up what your going to make it out of.

Step 3: Cutting It Out

This is where you will stick the template to the acrylic, or whatever you used, in order to get an accurate shape cut out.

My wife has done the cutting for me as I am not allowed to use her tools. After using her hand drill to inscribe my name on most of her stuff it became apparent to her that I cant be trusted with destructive things.

The pictures just show the process but really its fairly simple.

Step 4: Check and Finish

This step is as it says. First try it out after you have cut it out. Remember if you are unsure about the cutting it is better to undercut and sand than to over cut and throw away.

Try it on the iphone, if its good then sand the rough edges until its nice and smooth.

Here you can see I also added a bit to the end because of the above reason but it is your stand so do as you will.

Step 5: Use It

Ok here we go the finished product that works very well.

any comments welcome, I have a few instructables I am writing but this is the first I have finished. Mostly due to how easy it is.