How to Make an Ecological Young Coconut Planter




Introduction: How to Make an Ecological Young Coconut Planter

This is an ecological plant pot that have many advantages... The coconut have many nutrients that help the plant grow up... This tutorial is so easy and cheap... it takes like 10 mins... good luck!

All you need:
-Young coconut
-Knife (or anything you need to cut)

Step 1: Cut the Coconut

The first thing you should do is cut a hole in the top of the young coconut
Then you make the hole bigger so you can enter the plant within

Step 2: Make Another Hole in the Bottom

Now you have to make a hole in the bottom with the screw driver (you can make more than one hole). It should measure a little over 1cm2.
this will help the water to drain and not rot the root of the plant

Step 3: Choose a Base Suport

you can use a dish or a plant pot  base... It only helps the water doesn't leak

Step 4: Placing the Soil

chose the best soil and place it in the coconut

Step 5: Plant Whatever You Want

Now you can plant a seed (It need time and care) or you can buy a plant and place it in the young coconut

Step 6: Finished

This is the final result (I've plant a seed, and two weeks later.. surprise!)

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