How to Make an Electromagnet!

Introduction: How to Make an Electromagnet!

Today i will be teaching you to create your very own electromagnet, made from things you can find around your house :D LETS BEGIN!!

Step 1: What You Will Need?

  • A battery (square ones work well)
  • paperclips
  • a nail but i used a solid metal bar
  • a copper wire

Step 2: Step: 1

Begin wrapping the copper wire to the metal bar or nail make sure to make the coils on the wire very close and tight(:

Step 3: Step:2

Put the two copper ends on the battery where the positive and negative circles are at (located on the top)

Step 4: Step:3

hold the copper wire ends tightly to the top of the battery and move the metal bar or nail with the battery to the paper clips and you should be able to lift them. If the battery becomes hot that means it is working. Now you have make your electromagnet :D ENJOY!!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Sure looks like a way to make quick work of picking up around the office...