Introduction: How to Make an Engraved Wood Piece [without Lasers]

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This is for the Laser engraving contest

has always been tricky to do engraving without one of those laser engravers, but no fear! But I have managed and you can too. I just got a tiny block of wood from one of my other projects and I wanted to do something with it. So I made this.  [Yes I am a VW fan]

Step 1: Sanding

If you want this to not stab you....sand it! This is crucial for this to be a good piece. I sanded the edges until round then I rounded the corners downward towards the sides. NOTICE: When sanding always "roll" your hand to even it out

Step 2:

Once you are done with sanding, I would recommend that you stain it. I used Old English Walnut, but you can use whatever you please. NOTICE: When staining, rub in the the extra stain with a paper towel of any absorbent material.

Step 3: Engraving

Wet the wood until it is very soggy, then pull out a very sharp pointed screwdriver,smaller being better [no I'm afraid your sonic screwdriver will not work as well]. When you have done so, Take out a sharpie and draw where you will be engraving. Take you screwdriver and punch in your image. NOTICE: The harder you push the deeper your lines are. 

Step 4: Retouch

After getting that wet and engraving, Dry it off and then Let it dry in the sun or if you are in Seattle or something, Then just let it dry inside for a day. After it has dried, add a second coat of wood stain.

Step 5: Accenting

To give your piece a nice accent, singe the edges with some good ol' fire for about 5 seconds per spot [No it won't catch fire]

Step 6: Finished

There you go, just like grandma made it. This can be displayed as proof that you are awesome or you make a large table piece. If you want to clear coat it, go ahead and do so. 

Hope this helps, see you next time!

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