How to Make an Entire Ship Out of Paper




Introduction: How to Make an Entire Ship Out of Paper

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Materials required
Loads of tape
Loads of white paper
some black paper or a black marker

glue gun (Optional)
strong glue

Costs less than 1.5 dollars

Step 1: Making the Parts

Roll 500+ tubes from paper

Take a piece of paper and roll it up to form a thing tube of 20-30 cm long and 1 cm wide

Step 2: Making the Walls and the Stairs of the Ship

Join upto 21 tubes and make a semi-oval shape for the front
Join upto 14 tubes to make a rectangle for the back
Join 36 tubes to make the central base with two holes in the centre

Step 3: Completing the Front Walls and the Back Walls

take the semi oval and add tubes (10 tubes) to it on its egdes to form a 3D front wall(use picture for guidance).
take the rectangle and add tubes (10 tubes) on its edges to form another 3D shape(use picture for guidance)

Step 4: Completing the Main Base

Take the big rectangle with 2 holes in it and start adding tubes on the edges add upto 6 tubes height on all sides

Step 5: Making the Base to Keep the Ship On

join upto 100 tubes of 40 cm to make a big rectangle (big enough to keep all the parts on it)

Step 6: Joining the Parts

Join the three parts together and hot glue them and hot glue the whole thing on the base that we made.

Step 7: Making the Rest of the Details

join 3 black tubes and make a triangle and place two tubes on it to make a cannon make about 10 cannons to place all over the ship
Make some paper ladders and put them in the two holes in the centre of the ship
You can also make doors anywhere on the ship you want .
Make 3 fat tubes one long and 2 short ones.
Stick the two small ones on the front and tAttach a sail on the big paper tube and stick it in the middle of the ship
Join the three tubes with strinhg to make the ship look real.
You can add whatever you want and make the ship your kind.

Step 8:

And you are done
You have made your own kind of ship

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    8 years ago

    Can you use normal drinking straws for this?


    11 years ago on Introduction

    This is very cool I might have to give this a try!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    amazing but real hard work for sure

    This is seriously the best instructables
    I think it is going to win the gorilla glue contest
    Best of luck


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I LOVE IT TOO. Vishalapar you are the best, Well done !!!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    This is great!! I was bored on a Saturday, tried this and voila!! Turned out beautiful, also dunked it in brown paint and skipped the bottom.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Ya,I also made this project on a Saturday and Sunday and it turned out like this and I also made another one with more upgrades and I might make an instructable.