How to Make an Inexpensive "stick" Massager




Introduction: How to Make an Inexpensive "stick" Massager

What is it?
This is a less expensive take on the "stick" massager, very easy to make and very customizable (size/construction/coupler shape)
I find it to be super useful for massaging tight leg muscles after a workout.

Why should I bother?
This method of massaging tretches the fascia, a sleeve of connective tissue around your muscles, which allows your muscles easier growth.
It also works out knots in muscles and brings fresh blood to the muscles so that you heal extra fast and feel great.
Tight leg muscles can affect your workouts, your posture, even causing back pain that seems unrelated.

How should I use this?
Hold the massager with both handles, apply pressure with the middle section on your leg muscles (any of them) and slowly slide the massager up and down the length of the muscle. If you find any spots that feel especially sore, stick around that area for a second. If you can tolerate the little bit of extra pain you're causing, it'll benefit you by freeing up all that unhappy muscle tissue, and the pain should alleviate in that spot over the course of a few sessions.

Stretch and massage, everyone!

Step 1: Acquire Materials

This part is pretty easy and inexpensive, cost me $13 total
Bear in mind, these are the parts I used, you can easily modify this design.

1x gray 24" pvc nipple 1/2"
8x white pvc coupler 3/4"
One pair of bell bike handlebar grips

Step 2: Build It!

This step is pretty much all told in the pictures.

I used hairspray as a temporary lubricant to get the handlebar grip onto the end of the pipe.
Starts out liquid, facilitates sliding the grip on, then dries and becomes sticky enough to hold it in place. Works great.

1.) Hairspray the end, slide the grip on all the way.

2.) Slide as many couplers as you can fit in the empty middle space.

3.) Hairspray the other end, slide your final grip on.

4.) Wait for it to dry, and you're good to go!

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    10 years ago on Step 2

    Thanks for the idea. I will be making one of these tomorrow. I used one at my friends house and I came home to look for one and it's rediculous how much they want for it. This is just as good if not better. One suggestion, is that if you use cut sections of a pipe with a slightly larger I.D. than the rod instead of the couplings you cut your expense in half if not more. Thanks again for the idea.