Introduction: How to Make an Orogami Tulip

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This can be a great gift for your wife, brother, sister, friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc. P.S. it is very very pretty.

Step 1: Beginning Folds

First make an X with the paper.

Then hot-dog fold it.

Step 2: Inside Folds

Your objective is to make a triangle.

Step 3: Diamond Folds

Make a diamond on each side.

Step 4: Fliping

Instead of the diamond facing you with flaps, face it to where it is on the flat side.

Step 5: Inner Folds

Take one side and cross it just over the center line.

Then you want to take the other side and put it in the little gap left behind by the flap.

(Repeat on other side also)

Step 6: Inflating

At the bottom of the Tulip you should see a little tear which is where you need to blow air in order for it to inflate. Remember not to blow too much air into it.

Step 7: Petals

You should see 4 little projections hanging off the sides, don't pull...peel. Like a banana.

Step 8: And There You Have It

YOUR BEAUTIFUL TULIP IS DDDDOOOOOONNNNNEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boy I feel pooped don't you.