Introduction: How to Make and Sell an IPhone App With No Previous Programming Knowledge!!

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This is a simple method of making your iPhone App sitting at home without having any previous knowledge of programming. Just follow all the instructions and you will be getting paid sitting at home. :D

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Made By Manish Kumar and Kayhan Feroze Qaiser

Step 1: Step 1

 Go to apple's website and register as a developer for free. You'll need an email address.

Step 2: Step 2

Once you've made the account log onto it and click "download Xcode". This is the program you make the app in. (The file is very big so it may take a couple of hours to download). Once downloaded install Xcode.

Step 3: Step 3

Visit the Sparrow site and click download.

Follow the instructions very carefully and set sparrow up. Sparrow is a framework that simplifies the programming process by making it shorter, quicker and easier to understand.

Step 4: Step 4

Understand basic programming concepts such as variables, loops, functions and mathematical processes. You can google these and find out the basics from any website.

This link should get you started :-

Read the first few concepts and loop at the "C language" examples because that is what you will be programming in.

Step 5: Step 5

Visit the sparrow wiki and go through their documentation to understand how to use sparrow.

Then go through their tutorials to see this in action.

Step 6: Step 6

Visit this page for a comprehensive yet simple tutorial for a working game.

Go through the tutorial and understand each step. After this download the tutorial and open it with Xcode. Run it and see it in action. Try and modify the code to the game and see the results. Tinker with this till you think you have grasped how everything is working.

Step 7: Step 7, 8 and 9

7. If you have any confusions visit the sparrow forum at any time. Here you can find many questions previously asked and you can ask your own. the forum is very active and you will get quick and detailed responses.

8. Don't give up easily because you will make many many mistakes and may spend hours just getting an image to appear on your screen.

9. Once you've made an app that you think you can sell on the app store log into your apple developer account and register for their paid developer program. This will cost 99 dollars a year and will allow you to sell apps on the app store. Fill out their form carefully and follow the instructions.

You need to be 18 in most countries to enter a contract. So read Apple's stipulations carefullly. If you're underage have a parent enter the program for you.

There is a contract for selling paid applications and free applications. If you want to sell paid applications you will need a bank account Apple can send you your profits to.

Step 8: Step 10

Follow the instuctions on this page to test your app on a real iPhone or iPod. You should do this before uploading it to the app store.

Step 9: Step 11

Follow the instuctions here to upload your app to the app store. If you have any problems go to the sparrow forum.

Step 10: Step 12

Making an iPhone app is hard, but it's not as hard as you think. I managed to make a functioning game in less than a month with only the links in this tutorial. All you need is dedication, time and some advice.

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Made By: Kayhan Feroze Qaiser and Manish Kumar
Edited and Photography By: Manish Kumar

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