How to Make Bottle Light Bomb Out of Water

Introduction: How to Make Bottle Light Bomb Out of Water

In this instructables there will be a lot of pictures cause Tyler don't know how to read...

Step 1: Materials

-Power suply
-Bowl (Plastic)
-Gun glue

Step 2: Making Electrodes

For this step u will need:
-Gun glue
-Power suply (Adapter or battery - if u are using battery u will need 2 more wires..)

Glue graphite and wire with glue gun so water can't touch the wire...

Step 3: Separating Hydrogen and Oxygen From a Water

In this step u will need:
-Electrodes from the last step

Add tap water and a lot of salt to the PLASTIC bowl heat it and put the electrodes in. U will see a lot of bubles coming out of the electrodes. That is hydrogen and to collect it just fill the bottle with tap water to half and put it in the bowl like on this pictures ...

Step 4: Making Lighter for a Bomb From Ligher

In this step u will need:
-Plug from the bottle

Take a part lighter u will need just those parts like on the pictures. Set it up like on the picture..... U can see everything on this pictures so i wont explaining this step so much....

Step 5: Final Step

Try to close bottle in the water so gas (hydrogen) don't come out...

Step 6: Your Bottle Light Bomb Is Done !!!

Hehehe watch mine exploding!!!
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