Introduction: How to Make Eating Utensils for Camping

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Today I will be showing you how to make eating utensils to use while camping. You will be combining the utensils you choose so choose what works best for you whether its a spoon/fork, spoon/knife, fork/knife, or other combos you can think of.

What you need:
-Fork, spoon, knife, other utensils you use
-Hot glue
-Electrical tape

Step 1: Planning

When planning what utensils you will attach, think of what would be most practical. For example a knife and fork work well together for eating meat. A spoon and a knife combination doesn't make as much sense as a fork and knife combo. Not much really goes into planning, it is really just a time to put a little thought into you combo.

Step 2: Assembling

First, hot glue your two utensils together in at least two places. After you've glued them together get your electrical tape and put it in the middle to clean up the look of your combined utensil. If you like the look of the combo without tape then leave it.

Below, is a gallery of some of my utensils. I also show the spoon and fork knife combos without the tape so you can see what they look like. The last picture is an idea I had for an "X" utensil.

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