Introduction: How to Make Cardboard Dominos

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In a clam and sunny day, I wont to make anything and after many hours I have anything for you, cardboard Dominos!
It's cheap and enjoyable!

If you want, you can download a poster that I made for this Instructable, from HERE ! :)

Learn more about Dominos/es.

Step 1: What You Will Need

- Cardboard
- Blade
- Pencil
- Ruler
- Liquid glue
- Paper punch

Step 2: Drawing

First we should draw many rectangular on the cardboard. I use 5*2.5cm size for each Dominos. With pencil and ruler draw the rows and columns.
Number of dominos (rectangular that you need) in a standard game is 28.

Step 3: Cutting

Now with a blade cut out 28 rectangular. (In a good mood!)

Step 4: Make Circles

Each rectangular need numbers to become a real domino!
As you know in dominos, numbers show with circles* .

There are many ways to draw dominoes numbers, but I choose a different way to do this work!
I used punch. That made many circles for me that I use them as stickers. That was hard and enjoyable! :)

To do this work you need a Black paper. I used a newspaper that have black parts.
Now start punching and make enough black circles. (168)

Step 5: Gluing

It's time to make the dominoes complete!
Each domino have two side: Right & Left. There is a picture in below that you can see the number of circles that you should glue in R&L side of a domino.

It's good to draw a line in center of each rectangular to divide right and left side.
Like above picture, glue the circles in right and left side of dominoes. Remember that's a bit hard and will take much time, so be patient in work!

Step 6: Play!

Now get ready and start playing dominos!
"A minute to learn, a lifetime to master!"